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Sunday, February 4, 2007

The importance of blogs and links

Blog Posts And Links Last Forever: What It Means To You

Blogs and links are very closely related to each other. It is the almost natural ability of blogs to rapidly link to one another that has caused these web logs (as they were first called) to quickly rise in prominence to what they are today. As you read this virtually all the growth on the World Wide Web is being driven by blogs.

The other key advantage that links and blogs enjoy is that they both last virtually forever once they are up and running on the web. This is a huge advantage and it is important for every webmaster and blog owner to fully understand the full implications of this.

For starters it means that once your blog or link is up and running, it will continue to generate traffic for you, slaving away on your behalf for many years to come. What’s more, links and blog posts that contain links hardly require any maintenance once they are up and running.

Only those who at one time have had to deal with the endless headaches of offline marketing and referral tools like sales persons or newspaper ads will begin to appreciate the huge plus that links and blogs bring to any online business using them as marketing channels. They will quickly understand the fact that most offline tools usually come with endless complications and a constant need for attention, repeated investment, and endless supervision and maintenance.

The facts are that apart from not requiring most of these things, blogs and links will last for many years on the World Wide Web giving a webmaster continuous service and an endless flow of valuable leads and traffic. This in itself makes them big winners.

Links have an added advantage over blogs. And that is the fact that they can be purchased which means that you can acquire a large number within a short time. You pay once and keep them forever working for you and your site.

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