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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Internet marketing through social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking and the Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Those of us who have been in Internet Marketing for awhile know the value of link popularity for an online home based business opportunity webpage. It is the webpage with the most relevant links that usually does the best and gets the coveted #1 spot in the search engines. There are many ways to develop the number of links necessary to beat your competition. Many of these are yet to be discovered. There is one very powerful idea that has come to the forefront that may be just as important as the stalwart blog and ping. It is called Social Bookmarking.

The mechanism of social bookmarking for any online home based business opportunity is a simple one. It involves submission of multiple blog posts, articles, webpages, and even links to forum posts if that is what is desired. It is much like submitting an artile to an article directory. It is much, much simpler. The accumulation of outgoing links from a Social Bookmark account profile is where the PR (Priority Ranking) is developed over time. Of course the posts are relevant to the web pages they point to. They act just like a link page, accept you never have to go out and look for the link partners, and you do not need to reciprocate. They are just like articles, one way links.

Popular Social Bookmarking Sites include:

30daytags BlinkBits BlogHop BlogLot BlogMarks BlogMemes BlogPulse BmAccess browsr Fark CiteULike clipclip clipmarks Complore Connectedy Connotea digg diigo fantacular Feedmarker Feed Me Links Furl Gibeo GoKoDo Google Notebook IceRocket Kaboodle linkaGoGo linkroll Listible Lookmarks ma.gnolia Netvouz Newsvine openBM RawSugar reddit Rojo Rollyo Scuttle Shadows Simpy Sitetagger Smarking Spurl StumbleUpon taghop TailRank Ticklr unalog Yahoo My Web 2.0 yoonoo

As multiple groups of pages accumulate for your account as a result of your consistant contributions, more of these accumulated pages are created that link directly to your web pages.
Then they get discovered by others. This is the social aspect of Social Bookmarking. Take for example. You perform the initial post, put in some comments, and, not in the case of Digg but in the case of other sites, put in some keyword tags. What you have is a very large collection of news items and articles all rolled into one large site. It is kind of like having a thousand or more article directories in one.

In comes the surfer, like me, looking for content, and he/she finds it. He/She wants to include it in there own personal collection because of relevance, and add it to their bookmark collection. It does not take PR away from your webpages, it feeds PR to your webpages, and lots of it.

So now, not only do I have the post in my own profile page, it now occurs in someone elses, and it points from their profile list of social bookmark posts directly to my webpage. This can occur thousands of times in a Social Bookmarking Site. When it does, there is a great deal of power generated back to your webpages. The number of links increase as a result of the effort of others, PR increases, and so does SE placement. Can it get any simpler to promote any online home based business opportunity?

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