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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things to check before submitting website URL

What To Know Before You Submit Your Website URL

Submitting your website to the major search engines should be done very carefully. Never allow a URL submission service to submit your site to thousands of search engines, simply because thousands of search engines do not exist. There are only about 500 search engines, and only around 200 are credible and actually receive traffic. URL submission services that offer this type of submission are to be avoided. The most efficient method to use when submitting your website for inclusion is to do it yourself or to hire an expert to do it manually.

Before you begin to submit your website ensure that your web pages are thoroughly and properly designed using quality keywords, and most importantly your site must contain original, relevant content. Do not submit websites that are incomplete. Be sure to provide updated information about your website, keywords, etc. A simple submission to each search engine does not guarantee that your site would be immediately listed or that the ranking will be high. One important factor to remember is to include a site map which makes the crawling simple for the web robots.

An established website, already indexed by the major search engines, should not need to be submitted again. This can sometimes be conceived by the search engines as spamming. New websites with no established backlinks should be submitted only to the major search engines, and given some time to allow for indexing, should not be re-submitted unless your site is not indexed. If for some reason your site is not listed within a reasonable amount of time, a focus as to why your site is not indexed should be implemented.

If your website is not indexed within a few weeks after making the submission, there is usually a reason for this. It could be as simple as a "no follow" robots tag within the source code of your web page or not enough content on the web page. To ensure the search engines will index your website create web pages that contain relevant, quality content with 400 or more words on each page. This should be content which contains the main theme of your website. There other many other factors which could cause a website not to be indexed, such as broken links, duplicate content or repeditive submissions.

FFA pages, safelists and classified sites should not be submitted to and should be avioded at all costs. Never type in your URL anywhere offering a submission to a list of ad sites or any type of so called safelist. There are reasons search engines consider these types of pages unimportant, and usually penalizes sites listed on this type of a webpage. Services offering to submit monthly should also be avioded. Do not let your URL fall into the wrong hands, your website could end up not being indexed or even blacklisted if submitted to the incorrect or corrupt areas of the web.

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