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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here's the top 10 habits of home business

Top Ten Home Business Habits

Home based businesses are fantastic. There are numerous advantages to having a home business: Time flexibility, no commuting to the daily 9 to 5 job, unlimited income potential and tax advantages just to name a few. However, there are many bad habits that you will need to avoid when you are working for yourself. They are listed as follows:

The Top Ten Bad Home Based Business Habits:

1. No Focus-You must prioritize your work. Do not let yourself get caught up in unnecessary tasks that will get in the way of the most important tasks.

2. Discipline-Staying on a regular schedule and getting some sleep as well.

3. Eat Healthy-It's very easy to consume a lot of junk food when snacking.

4. Drinking-Consume plenty of water and don't drink too much alcohol.

5. Dress For The Part-Get dressed for work even if you are working from the home office. Dress for success.

6. The Media-Too much negative news can have an impact on your well being-especially Television.

7. Surfing the Internet-This is relative to focus and can waste a lot of hours looking for unnecessary stuff or information.

8. Unproductive Phone Use-Limit your use of the phone for training, contacting, follow up or presenting.

9. All Work And No Play-It is crucial to keep a healthy balance between family and work.

10. Never Stop Learning-Too often we fall into the lazy trap. Never settle and try each and everyday to make what you are doing better. In other words, growth!

Your home business should not be left up to a game of chance. You must have a strong focus on your goals in addition to keeping a great balance between your family and the amount of scheduled time for your work. One must consider these factors if you are serious about a home business. For those who work at home, they have a strong, healthy balance and have much more success than those that are 100% all work all the time. In the words of Mr. Miagi, "Must Maintain Balance". You will find yourself being a much more pleasant person when you have that balance between work and time with the family. I know I am. Balance equals happiness.

All the Best!

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