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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Are you a member of a social network website?

Social Network Website

Social network websites have really picked up the pace. Building up community and increasing friends have become a hobby to say the least. Making friends on Internet is a very old thing now. We still remember back in 2000 we used to chat in yahoo and make friends. Though the chatting was primarily done with people we don’t know. The community-based websites have changed the things. Now we do chat at social network websites, but we get more known friends rather than unknown. We still make friends with people who we don’t know, but searching friends on Internet, and making friend on Internet has never been the same before.

There are so many popular social network websites today. It’s really up the user to choose his favorite social network website. So what are the features that we really look into, when we search these kind of websites. Primary feature is the make friends or add friends feature. This feature involves the email facility where we send emails to our friends and relatives and invite them on our social network website. Secondly it’s the search friend’s facility, which also makes a lot of difference. There should be a forum where people can speak there hearts open. Sending messages and chatting are other features which makes a social network website a success. As a user we look for these features and if we find these features in a site, we simply start using it.

Life on Internet changes daily. There were times when simply uploading photos and making galleries was one of the greatest feature that a website could have provided. Now it’s different and every website has these features. So galleries have become a common feature these days. Now the latest feature is the blog. Blogs have undoubtedly made a very big importance on Internet. So a social network website should also have a blogging feature. It’s too much for an asking if you demand blogging from a social network website. This fact was very true, but now we have discovered that a lot of these social network community based websites gives this blogging feature. You can simply edit, delete or do what every you like which blogging. Blogs or public diaries are a great feature to have. So if you are planning to join a social network website, than sure look for blogging as a feature.

Many social network websites have additional features. These makes everyone happy, some contest sort of thing. Friends list and increasing the number on the list is one such contest. Though there is no leaderboard where all the names are listed who have the most. Anyways these features will become common with the time.

For those of you who don’t know anything about social network websites, simply join a social network website and you will know the importance of it. At least you will give yourself and your friends a good time, and your time will not be a waste. Enjoy.

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